Napco Companies

About Us

NAPCO Companies is a privately owned real estate Development and Investments Company based in Naples Florida.  NAPCO represents a collective history of experience, dedication, and business savvy with firm business roots based in finance, banking, major Fortune 500 companies.  Since we are a privately held company there is No Bureaucracy or inflexible policies.  Instead we take an entrepreneurial approach with straight forward and creative deal making to accommodate the needs of our clients through our various services and development programs while always focusing on fiscal responsibility.

Company Officers


L. Rogers Wells - Chairman
Michael H. Metcalf - President
Gary S. Bell - Chief Financial Officer


L. Rogers Wells – Chairman


L. Rogers Wells, Jr., is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of American Materials Incorporated and formerly Chairman of New Farmers National Bank and the Bowling Green Bank and Trust Company. American Materials, Inc. (AMI) is a regional warehousing and distribution center for selected business entities, including major Fortune 500 companies. AMI is a parent company to various subsidiaries, including International Investments Inc., involved in the secondary wood processing industry, real estate development, warehousing and finance. Wells is a majority stockholder in various businesses involved in the manufacturing industry.

Wells has had hands-on experience in many and varied businesses, both in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and throughout the United States during his successful business career. His ownership experience includes companies involved in the explosives, agriculture, fertilizer, coal, gas, oil, plastics, cable television industries, engineering, warehousing and distribution, construction, paving, real estate development and currently has 1,400,000 million square feet under management and another 400,000 square feet under construction.

From 1987 through 1991, Wells was asked to leave private industry and serve the Commonwealth of Kentucky as the Secretary of Finance and Administration Cabinet.  As Secretary of Finance and Administration, Wells was responsible for the financial integrity of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Wells also directed the Kentucky Development Finance Authority's Yen Bond Issue where Kentucky became the first state to issue bonds in the Japanese Samurai Bond Market. This complicated financing transaction resulted in millions of dollars of cost savings to the Commonwealth. In addition, hundreds of jobs were created or retained and this transaction placed the Commonwealth in the forefront of international finance.

In 1992 Wells acquired 80% of the common stock of International Lottery, Inc. (Interlott), a privately held manufacturer of instant lottery ticket vending machines based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer from 1993 to 2005.  Under his tenure and through his direction this company successfully completed an IPO in 1994.  Mr. Wells continued to guide this company for over 10 years until he successfully completed a merger with a NYSE listed company in 2005 to Gtech Holdings Corporation.