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build to suit


Our build-to-suit development program offers many advantages for growing companies. First and foremost the ability to conserve capital, current commercial lending regulations requires businesses to invest a large down payment in order to purchase or build a facility which could cost upwards of 25% - 40% of the total project. This capital may yield a higher return if invested in the business and can now be applied towards operations and future growth of your company. Second, the program gives a company the ability to control a lease rate that fits your ProForma by controlling the design and construction of your new facility. Further, the entire lease payment is tax deductible, as compared to a traditional mortgage where only the interest portion of the loan payment is deductible.

Who Should Consider A Build-to-Suit?

Businesses that benefit most from a build to suit are usually in a growth mode where capital needs to be reserved for operations. Others who require a facility custom designed for their needs may find the flexibility of this option a real plus.

What Are The Benefits of Build-to-Suit?

  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Cost effective energy systems
  • Complete control of lease rates
  • Reduced Taxable Income
  • Location to maximize business needs
  • Maximum space efficiency

The build to suit arrangement, gives you control of the design process and allows you to build your new facility to your exact needs and specifications. Our development team pulls together the design, construction and financing expertise to provide you a turnkey building. Let us know how we can help build your business today!    CLICK HERE